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A Man Without a Purpose

What will happen to a person who do not learn to love his true purpose?


When we are born in this world, our purpose is already engraved on our palm.  Many of us until now didn’t know yet what is our life’s purpose? Some already found it and became their passion. Some knew it when they are already old, some just knew it earlier than others. Others are already there, but they never learn to love or live for it.

So, what will happen to a person who do not learn to accept/love their true purpose in life?

  1. They will never go ahead.

I believe that our life was written with a purpose, whether to serve others, or to spend our life with particular people, or with a particular place just to contribute wisdom and worth in this world. But when people ignore this purpose and force themselves away with this calling, keeping themselves to learn/ to love the path they are destined for, their life will become miserable and full of insecurity.

It’s like taking for granted their duties in this world, that will ruin their life and blaming themselves. Because if we truly know our purpose, we ought to do the right actions and decisions, to achieve a successful life. And the other one who neglect, shall fall into his own wickedness.

  1. He will fall into his own foolishness (irresponsibility).

Like a man who built his house upon the sand, and when the storm came, it will crash the house and have a great fall. And that would be a tragic end of his own illusions that he can escape with this responsibility. To be stronger and take challenges to carry the purpose of his life in his shoulders.

  1. He will lose faith upon himself.

The man who have doubt in his heart, will not achieve or find his true worth and will end up a failure. Because a man who is wise and knew the right about his life show dedication, patience and have wisdom. He will now lose faith upon himself believing that he does nothing with this life.