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Photographic Memory

Not everyone has the capability of looking at something once and remembering all the details of an image or the information on a page. While maybe not born with the ability of total recall, there are ways to develop a photographic memory. The problem essentially the confusion over the term and many individuals believe that a photographic memory is supposed to present a photographic image in their brain of the information. The reality is, most neurologists do view eidetic ability as being possible in a wide range of the population, but they do acknowledge the ability to enhance memory.

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Research suggests that true photographic memory capabilities may be confused with the eidetic memory, with which a person can view an image and later visualize the image in their mind, recalling minute details. Whether this phenomenon is actually possible is open for debate but people have been able to develop a photographic memory to the point they can remember most details of everything they see.

There have been numerous tricks developed to help people improve their memory skills, helping to develop a photographic memory, which can be useful in school, in business or just in remembering the birthdays of everyone in the family, including distant relatives that are rarely seen.

Study Habits Different For Different People

When kids are in school they are taught initially by repetition and then by association. By looking at words or numbers they are taught ways to think of what they see in a different form that they can easily recall. To develop a photographic memory of specific words they may be taught to put them into a story that they can easily remember and by using this method are able to put virtually any phrase or sentence into their memory in a way they can easily recall.

Numbers are one of the more troubling for many people to remember and if they can develop a photographic memory through certain ways of learning, they do not necessarily have a picture of the numbers in their find, rather they have a refined way of searching the storage areas in their brain to relate to those numbers.

Study after study has shown that eidetic memory, often called photographic memory is still a questionable concept. However, expanding a person’s ability to remember important information is possible and by using similar techniques have been able to develop a photographic memory. Study habits will vary among individuals and once they learn the best method that works for them the more they can learn and maintain in their memory.

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