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Self-Help Strategies for Depression

Track Your Thoughts

  • by writing them down. It’s a good way to express yur feelings,and it  can help you figure out which thoughts make you feel worse.

Learning Relaxation

  • Relaxation is great for reducing stress

Go easy on alcohol and drugs

  • If you’re using alcohol and drugs to cope, you could acctually make
    your symptoms worse, both while you’re using them, and in the long run.

Eat well, keep active

  • It can make a difference to your energy levels,
    and helps stimulate hormones.

Take some time out to do things you usually enjoy each day.

  • Try and make yourself do one thing you usually enjoy each day.

Learn something new

  • Developing new skills and achieving things lifts your mood

Get back into nature

  •  It reduces stress and boosts your mood. Go for a walk outside.

Talk to someone you trust

  • Talking to a family member or friend is a great oppurtunity for you
    to express how are you’re feeling.

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Join a support group

  • It can be really helpful to talk to people who
    have gone through similar experiences

Set small goals

  • Don’t expect a ridiculous amount of yourself it could make you feel
    down if you can’t meet your expectations.

Develop a healthy sleep routine

  • Sleep has a huge effect on our physical and emotional health.

Exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet

  • Start small and work towards having an exercise routine and balanced
    diet set in place

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